Up to 1" Bigger Arms in 30 Days!



15 ½" - 16 ½"
  • Want to increase the size of your cannons?
  • Without paying for a gym membership?
  • Without paying for a personal trainer?
  • In 30 days or less?


  • Do you have a busy schedule?
  • Does travel interrupt your workout routine?
  • Have you been working out for a while now and have plateaued?

Then you need Get Gunz!

5 minutes in the morning
5 minutes at night
5 days a week

30 days later…

…you've got the best arms of your life!

Let's face it, guys…

We all know that having big arms is cool and attractive to the opposite sex. Even a popular men's magazine had in one of their issues an article titled “Top Body Parts That Women Are Attracted To.” And arms topped that list.

Get Gunz will help you increase your arm size up to an 1" in 30 days! That's not just bigger arms in 30 days - that's up to an 1" bigger arms in 30 days!

The 1” growth doesn’t necessarily matter where you start from. I’ve seen people go from 12”-13” arms, 16”-17”, and everything in between. It’s my anticipation that even someone with 20” cannons could add on an extra inch with Get Gunz. I’m looking for someone with 20" cannons to try my product. Will that someone be you?

Get Gunz is a revolutionary new home workout product and exercise program that creates a massive muscle pump in your arms and results in huge growth in your biceps and triceps. Huge growth obviously means bigger arms! There's no more excuses for not filling out those shirt sleeves any more.


15 ¼” – 16 ½"
an amazing 1 ¼” growth!

Now I literally have the Gunz of Freedom to protect our nation with.  Nothing I’ve ever done compares to the intense results from Get Gunz.
—Lieutenant Matt Howard,
Navy fighter pilot

The Science Behind…

Everybody who works out knows that you have your biceps and your triceps. And we've all did curls to increase our biceps, but did you know…

Basics of Muscle Building

Muscles grow larger by forcing them to work harder than they’re accustomed. When a muscle contracts, the muscle fibers slide across each other. Intense muscle strain during the last few possible repetitions in a set cause small micro-fiber tears in the muscle fiber. The body then repairs these tears with protein that’s taken in through the diet. It’s when these tears are repaired that the muscle fibers end up larger than before. Imagine wrapping duct tape around a section of frayed rope to repair it. The rope is now marginally larger. The same happens with your muscle fibers synthesizing new protein into the micro-torn fiber.

Basics of Muscle Building in the Arms

The rules of muscle building apply the same for the entire body but the details of how to position your appendages for optimal growth differ completely. The Biceps Brachii and Triceps Brachii are the target focus of muscle building for increasing the size of the arms. The Pronator Teres, Brachioradialus Supinator, and other minor forearm muscles all need to get their attention along with the upper arm (biceps/triceps) muscles in order to give the arm it’s full overall size. We must build ALL the arm muscles together to achieve the desired aesthetics of true gunz, pythons, cannons, pipes, etc.

Kinesiology of the Arms

Arm curls build the biceps by pulling the hand and lower arm towards the shoulder and upper arm. With your arms straight out in front of you, draw your hands in towards you while leaving your elbows in a stationary position out in front of you. This movement is an arm curl performed by flexing your biceps.

Arm extensions build the triceps by pushing the hand and lower arm away from the shoulder and upper arm. With your elbows bent and hands drawn in close to each respective shoulder, push your hands out away from you while keeping your elbows in a stationary position. This movement is an arm extension performed by flexing your triceps.

Details of Creating Arm Size

The triceps makes up 2/3 of the upper arm so it’s extremely important to give them as much, if not more, focus than the biceps. It is also very important for optimal muscle growth to go through the full range of motion during a muscle’s concentric (contracting) and eccentric (relaxing) phases. The forearm muscles work to control the wrist through the upper arm’s flexion (bending) and extension (straightening).

Get Gunz Brings All Aspects Together

Get Gunz utilizes your bodyweight for resistance during biceps flexion and triceps extension. It is easier on the joints, ligaments, and tendons to use bodyweight as resistance versus other types of resistance. This is because the body’s entire musculature must coordinate together for the movement of arm curls and extensions while leaning at a pitched angle for the utilization of bodyweight resistance against the pull of gravity.

The deep angles you’re able to put your body into for pushing the biceps, triceps, and forearms into intense muscle strain create the micro-fiber tears necessary for muscle rebuilding and growth. By moving your feet away from the point of device attachment (door frame), only a few inches at a time, you can push past muscle failure time and time again without ever releasing tension on your muscles thus achieving the same results of 5-6 full sets of traditional arm exercises. Therefore, after only 2 sets of the Get Gunz workout you’ve done the same amount of micro-fiber tears as a full arm workout in the gym lifting iron. These Get Gunz micro-fiber tears heal up to 10 times as fast as traditional exercises. This is because the overall strain on the central nervous system is so much less. Longer workout times tax the central nervous system and the Get Gunz total workout time is only a fraction of traditional gym workouts for the arms. 5 minutes versus 60 minutes.

11 ¾" - 12 ½"

I can't believe how much my arms grew
in only 1 month! If it wasn't for Get Gunz
I would still be struggling to have bigger arms.
No more waiting...Get Gunz is here!
—Tyler Goodwin

What the others try to do…

Other workouts all take longer to do. Not since 8 Minute Abs has any product made claims of results in such a short amount of time. 5 minute workouts are very feasible for anyone to fit in. Other workouts also require equipment to use for resistance like weights. Weights are heavy and take up more space. If the workouts don’t use weight, they use apparatus/equipment that takes up space. If it’s resistance bands used for the workout, they can get little snags and then break/tear and be useless. If the other workout program also uses bodyweight, but no equipment, you limit what you can do because of the inability to work your back or biceps. If you do a body weight workout at home that allows you to use work your back or biceps then you’ve got to use a pullup bar that mounts in your door frame and those inevitably will scuff up the woodwork and ruin your door frame and surrounding wall area. This is the only product on the market that allows you to work your entire upper body using a nearly indestructible device (especially compared to resistance bands) and not mess up your home or have equipment cluttering up your home.

All home workouts share the same benefit over going to the gym. Avoid the crowds. Save travel time to and from the gym. Our home workout is specifically designed to work your entire upper body and not mess up your home or clutter up your home!

Other workouts that would obtain similar results would require a full gym of weights to come close to the ability that the Z-strap and the Get Gunz program have to build muscle. Everytime you change the pitch or angle of your body as you do the exercises it’s like changing weight doing a regular exercise with free weights or machines. But if you change weights doing free weights or machines you have to stop the exercise in order to change weight. This takes the tension off the muscle and that’s something that you don’t want to do in order to achieve optimal results in muscle building.

The Get Gunz Difference!

The main problem with conventional muscle building techniques is that it takes a long time to build lean muscle fiber. The typical amount of time it can take a man to increase the size of his arms by one full inch can be anywhere from 6 months to 1 year or more. Get Gunz can do it in 30 days.

This product isn’t extremely new. There is a similar product on the market, but it’s a more complex device and SEVEN times more EXPENSIVE. The Get gunz program is revolutionary however. I’ve read different theories that talk about how you can build your arms, or any muscle for that matter, with overly frequent workouts designed to direct excess blood flow to the specific muscle group you’re trying to grow. Putting the product and the program together is the real magic. The Z-Strap allows for achieving deep muscle failure, through the changing of the pitch/angle of your body as you go through your sets.

12”—12 7/8”

Wow! My arms ARE bigger!
I didn't think a thin guy like me could get any bigger.

—Zach Williams

What does Get Gunz do for you?

The main benefit of this workout is, of course, building your arms. But the Get Gunz workout also builds your chest, back, and shoulders. By using bodyweight as the resistance, it becomes a better core workout while you do the exercises than by using free weights, machines, or anything else. That means you can work out in the convenience of your own home or if you're traveling, in your hotel room.

It only takes 5 minutes for the Get Gunz workout and only 10 minutes for the Bonus workout so either one is still helping you achieve a major muscle pump in only a short amount of time. It’s all about being able to pump your muscles so full of blood so fast. You can feel just as tired after 10 minutes of Get Gunz as you would after 45 minutes of weights in the gym. It's easy to squeeze in a 5 or 10 minute workout in the morning and evening into your busy schedule especially since you don't have to spend time traveling to the gym and back.

And how about the results?

How soon will you start seeing bigger arms?

People start seeing results in the first couple of days after using Get Gunz. The majority of people add ¼” to their arms in the first week of use and the “perma-pump” has set in. Perma-pump is a term used to describe the feeling of muscle pump that never goes away. It’s “permanent.” All day everyday your arms are swollen and rock hard. Pretty cool if you ask me.

How about losing weight?

Yes, you can!

The other benefit of this workout is that you do it for a short amount of time twice a day. Doing double-day workouts is unbelievably effective in boosting you metabolism and helping you burn more calories. Even though it’s only a short workout you’re elevating your heart rate and being active. So you can actually lose weight (body fat) by doing the Get Gunz workout because of the metabolism boosting effects of double-day workouts.

So add the Get Gunz workout to your healthy diet and lose weight while gaining bigger arms!

What about after 30 days?

Can I still use Get Gunz? Yes, you can!

The workout should be a maximum of one set daily of biceps and triceps. The user can do either the single set of each or do the Bonus workout because the Bonus workout contains only one set of biceps and triceps each. It is definitely recommended that the user do the Bonus workout as a follow up for 4 weeks but AT LEAST do a single set of biceps and triceps each day to maintain results for at least 1-2 weeks following Gunz.

14" – 15"

I love working out,
but I never thought I'd see my arms get even bigger!

—Stevie Kokita

Get Gunz is

The revolutionary new home workout product…

The product, (below) called "Z-Strap", is a standard design with custom grip handles for added comfort. It easily attaches to the top of any door in your home and easily stores away when you're done. No big machines to leave out or to wrestle with to put back into storage and no metal pull up bars leaving their marks on your door frames!

…and the exercise program that creates a massive muscle pump in your arms and results in huge growth in your biceps and triceps

The program, called "Get Gunz", is a simple program to do that utilizes your own bodyweight for resistance. It is a 5 min workout, done twice a day for 30 days. You will get 1) a muscle building, fat shredding nutrition plan, and 2) an exercise & results tracking workout calendar to help you keep track of your results and keep you motivated!

Together, the Z-strap combined with the program yield unbelievable results. It's revolutionary! You literally won't believe your eyes when you see and feel how big your arms get just after the first day alone. That's up to 1" increase in the size of your arms in 30 days or less. That's bigger arms no matter what your starting arm size is.

The program is a daily regimen that gives your arm muscles the necessary stimulus to grow like they've never grown before.

This is like having a personal trainer creating a custom program specifically to increase your arm size up to 1" bigger. Did you know personal trainers charge anywhere from $40-$75 an hour? But more on that later...

Instead I want to announce that in addition to a printed guide to the workout, I'm including a BONUS DVD for absolutely FREE!

Yes, that's right. You are getting a DVD absolutely FREE! You will get to hear me talk about and see me demonstrate the workout in this BONUS DVD. It's like getting your own personal trainer for free!

Fitness Expert and Get Gunz Guru

Drew DeVry

  • University of Washington, BS
  • American College of Sports Medicine; Health & Fitness Instructor
  • International Fitness Professionals Association; Personal Trainer, Certified Nutritionist
  • 8 Years Training Experience
  • 5 Years independent gym owner and head trainer
  • Creator of Freedom Training System (soon to become an Integrated Computer Training System)
  • Trainer of collegiate athletes/minor league baseball players


14 ¾" - 15 ¾"

I've been working at making my arms bigger for years without any great results. Get Gunz gave me a full inch growth in circumference and it did it in only 30 days!

–Glenn Waters

But that's not all…

  • Included on the BONUS DVD that you're getting for absolutely FREE, is a BONUS workout!
  • What do you do after your 30 days are done and you have bigger arms? You should do the BONUS workout as a follow up for 4 weeks!
  • By now your girlfriend, fiance, wife, mother, sister, and your regular friends who happen to be female will have noticed your bigger arms and may be motivated to tone and define their bodies. The Bonus Workout is great for them, too!
  • The Bonus Workout is a good workout for anyone who wants to improve their muscle tone in their upper body.
  • It’s a great tool to take with you on a trip because it’s so compact and lightweight and it can attach to the hotel door in their room.
  • Physically fit people love this because it’s something they can do at home for a good pump if they can’t make it to the gym and still feel like they got a good workout.


If your dream is to get bigger arms then use this strap and the Get Gunz workout. Let us help you workout with the fastest routine ever to increase your arm size.

Order today and get the strap and the Get Gunz workout at the discounted price of…. Wait, we have something else to tell you—

Risk Free For 30 Days

We’re so completely confident that Get Gunz will give you all you will need to get off to a great start...

We’ll give you 30 days to try it out (the 30 days starts when your strap and the Get Gunz workout arrives in your mailbox)

And if you don't start seeing results, no problems at all...

You'll get every penny back and no hard feelings.

We just wanted to make it clear to you that this is a completely no-risk purchase.

So act now - take advantage of our knowledge in Get Gunz... with absolutely zero risk!

Not only will you have in your hands the ultimate workout to get bigger arms, you can also take your time to try it out. Try all of our workouts and techniques to get you from a dreamer to a healthier person with bigger arms in no time. If it is not all we said it was, just return it for a FULL refund.


What does Get Gunz cost?

Don't let a slow economy slow down your workout. You don't need an expensive gym membership or personal trainer to help you increase your arm size.

The competitor offers something similar for $199. A typical gym membership costs approximately $30 a month and you’re not guaranteed results. Unless you know a good deal about the human body and how it works you’ll probably need to hire a personal trainer to help you reach your goals. Personal Trainers cost anywhere from $40-$75 per hour. The Get Gunz DVD has a full upper body workout included to bypass the need for a trainer.

The secret to Get Gunz amazing results is a combination:
  • bodyweight exercises that utilize your core stabilizers
  • simple changes in resistance by adjusting the pitch/angle of your body during sets
  • short, intense, overload workouts at very frequent intervals

The Get Gunz kit includes:

  • The Z-Strap
  • Door attachment
  • The Get Gunz Guide
  • The Bonus DVD with
    • Get Gunz 5 min workout
    • Bonus full upper body workout
    • Toning/defining workout
  • Muscle building, fat shredding nutrition plan
  • Exercise & results tracking workout calendar


12”—12 7/8”

This is awesome!
If I can do it, anyone can do it!

Ben Josie

Buy it today!


I understand how this will help me achieve bigger arms


I’m aware the Z-strap and the Get Gunz workout will dramatically increase the size of my arms

I totally understand I have a full 30 days to try the Z-strap and the Get Gunz workout. If it is not for me I can get a full refund

Retail value of the Z-strap alone is $29.99. The Get Gunz program is well over $40 in value. The DVD retail value is also $19.99. If you order right now we will take $59.99 off! You get the Z-strap, the Get Gunz program and the Bonus DVD with the bonus workouts for a total of only $29.99

The rest is up to you… Will you increase your arm size in 30 days, or will you do things the hard way and the long way? Here is your step towards bigger arms and a healthier you.

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You’re at a fork in the road and you must choose what direction you want to go in.

Will you take the dimly lit road with no street signs, or will you hop on the interstate. Now is the time, tomorrow you will be a day older. Don’t waste any more time! In 30 days or less, you'll have bigger arms and a healthier you!


Welcome to the first day to bigger arms!

These guys did it - so can you!